What is the return and exchange policy?

Unfortunately, I do not accept any returns or exchanges. All orders are final. If you do run into a problem though, please reach out to me via email. I'm always happy to help. Bubblebar.tiff@gmail.com

What does cold process mean?

Cold process soaps are soaps made from scratch via the saponification process. In my soaps, I combine natural oils with lye and water to create your bubbly goods! 

Is lye safe on skin? 

The lye used during the soap-making process is fully reacted by the time your bar of soap is ready to use, so there's nothing to worry about. I wait the full 4-6 week cure period to ensure that all lye has been reacted in the soaps. However, if you are working with lye at home and curious about the cold process I highly recommend reviewing the safety data sheet for lye (NaOH in this case) as it is a skin irritant on its own. Feel free to reach out to Tiff if you have any chemical questions. She's an engineer ;)

Why doesn't my soap bar look like the picture on the site?

All our soap bars are made from scratch by hand. Sometimes there are variations in the pour, color, or soap behavior. We try to make our bars as uniform as possible, but please be aware there can be slight variations in look. 

Can you make custom soap bars?

Yes! Please visit our Custom Order page for more information.


For more information not listed, feel free to reach out to Tiffany at bubblebar.tiff@gmail.com