About Me


Bubble Bar Soap started out as a hobby and quickly turned into a passion, and now a small business! I love making soaps and bath products and sharing them with y'all. All my soaps are made in small batches by hand in Long Beach, CA. I only use the best ingredients and carefully craft each product with precision, love, and care. 

Meet Me (the one-woman show behind Bubble Bar Soap): 

Tiff- chemical engineer by day, soaper by night. I love soaping because it turns science into this beautiful art form.I have ezcema and sensitive skin, so I started making soaps for myself. Now, I love to share my creations with others and I hope you'll love them just as much as I do!

My first soap batch: I actually made my first batch of soap in college for an organic chemistry lab and I quickly fell in love with the process. We didn't have lye calculators in class, so we actually had to do all the molar calculations by hand to figure out the lye/oil/water quantities needed for soaping. Super nerdy, but I loved it! 

Favorite thing about soaping: Creating new soap designs and formulating different recipes. I love researching the different properties of oils and how they behave in the soaping process.

Favorite soap: Tobacco Bay Leaf. My fiance and I love this bar. Smells like a big bear hug. I also liked putting in activated charcoal in this one for it's purifying properties (great for my fiance's back acne).


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