Some of My Favorite Soaping Tools

Soaping is such a personal hobby. There are so many different ways you can soap and so many different products out there to help. Here are some of my favorite tools and supplies for cold-process soaping! 

Temperature Gun: I prefer a temperature gun over a regular thermometer because I can check the temperature of my lye solution and oils quicker. Plus, there's less wiping going back and forth between the lye solution and oils using a regular thermometer. 

I got mine off Amazon for about $20: 

Stick Blender: Before I got my stick blender, I used to hand mix my soap. Let me tell you, the stick blender is the best investment I ever made!

I got a cheap one from Walmart that hasn't failed me yet.

Kitchen Scale: Every cp soaper knows you need a good kitchen scale! Soaping is a science and weighing your ingredients is key.

I have this scale from Bed Bath and Beyond :

Milk Frother: Hear me out...when using micas and colorants in your soap, you need to finely mix it in an oil or water (whichever it's soluble in). I used to get clumps of random color in my soaps before I bought a milk frother. It's tiny enough that I can thoroughly mix my colors before adding to my soap solution.

I got mine at Target for about $7. 


And those are a few of my favorite tools right now. Hope it helps!