Meet the Owner

Name: Tiffany (Tiff)

Hometown: Houston, TX

Current home: Long Beach, CA 

Background: I am a chemical engineer by day and soaper by night. I started soaping as a therapeutic exercise and to make products for my skin (I have eczema). It's important to me that all my products are handmade from scratch using the best ingredients for the skin, and of course that they look cute!

My first soap batch: I actually made my first batch of soap in college for an organic chemistry lab and I quickly fell in love with the process. We didn't have lye calculators in class, so we actually had to do all the molar calculations by hand to figure out the lye/oil/water quantities needed for soaping. Super nerdy, but I loved it! 

Favorite thing about soaping: Creating new soap designs and formulating different recipes. I love researching the different properties of oils and how they behave in the soaping process.

Least favorite thing about soaping: Cleaning up! Oh my goodness, cleaning up after making batches of soap is the worst. I wish I had an industrial size sink or something to make it easier. 

Favorite soap: Tobacco Bay Leaf. My fiance and I love this bar. Smells like a big bear hug. I also liked putting in activated charcoal in this one for it's purifying properties (great for my fiance's back acne). 

Products I'm working on:

Shampoo bars- I think solid shampoos and conditioners are so fun to use and they're great for the environment. And if you're like me, with eczema on your scalp, shampoo bars are more gentle for your sensitive, irritated scalp. 

Face creams- I've struggled with eczema my entire life and have seasonal flareups on my face around my eyes, nose, and mouth. I make face creams and salves for myself, but I've been working to create something I can share with all of you. Fingers crossed. 


Fun Facts

Favorite food: tacos 

Favorite artist: Celine Dion (I saw her live in Las Vegas and it was a dream come true!)

Favorite color: olive green 

Coolest place I've been: Australia 

Pets: Steve- the chihuahua

I'm afraid of: birds