How to Take Good Product Pics

Taking good product picture is a beast of its own. When I first started making soaps, I wasn't too worried about my pictures and was just so happy with how my soaps looked in person. When I started getting more serious with my branding recently, however, I realized the importance of good pictures.

First, everyone's photo aesthetic is going to be different. What I find right for my brand may not be right for yours, and that's perfectly okay. That's what makes each of our companies and soaps unique! But, what we can do is take the best pictures we can do showcase that brand. So, here are a few tips and tricks I've learned along my journey with product photography. 

Be Consistent with Lighting

Whether you decide to use natural sunlight for your photos or artificial light, be consistent. I personally love sunlit pictures for that crisp, fresh look. But due to my regular work schedule, I can't always catch the rays. So, I time my shots on the weekends when I know I'll have time to work with the sunlight. 

If you're using artificial lighting, make sure you're being consistent with the bulb color. Are you sticking with a yellow tint, UV, white, etc? Whatever you decide to use, stick with it and try not to mix lights. 

Artificial light vs. natural light

Have a Background (or "none")

Staging your pictures is one of the most important parts of product photography. You want your product to shine! Having distracting objects in the background take away from your soaps. I started using a white poster board as my "background" to give my pictures all the same look. However, I've also experimented with using plates, towels, etc as my background. Whatever you choose, make sure it adds value to the picture and doesn't take any shine away from the star of the show - your soap! 

Noisy background vs. white background

Use a Tripod 

One of the best investments I got for product photography was a mini tripod. I found one at Best Buy for my phone that was around $20. Using the tripod gives me steady, consistent photos every time. Instead of guessing what angle I took the previous shot in or worrying about if my hands are shaking (because I have the world's shakiest hands), I can just worry about pushing the button and getting the perfect shot. 

Invest in filters/presets 

Choose a filter or preset family and stick with it! Before I got serious with my branding, I used whatever filter I felt like using that day.  Now, I have my own presets on Photoshop for my photos to make my pictures bright and crisp. This helps all my pictures on my instagram page and website feel uniform and part of my company. My biggest advice for this section is to look at other companies and brands for inspiration. You can see how each one has its own unique look.



Before and after with presets

Play with angles

Practice truly makes perfect. I think I take about 30-50 shots of the same soap in different angles before I find one that I like. Take your time and see what works best for you, your soap, and your brand.  

Regular angle vs. top angle shot


Hope this helped. Happy soaping!